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Simplify digital image processing and catalogue your pictures with Artensoft Photo Editor!
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5 March 2010

Editor's review

Digitization is today the norm in virtually every field and photography too has hardly been left behind. Digital images that are today visible on the computer screens can be suitably edited and printed as desired without any chemical processing and further even transferred through the internet facility. Digital cameras can even record sounds and video depending upon the features included in the camera. Numerous image editors have also been developed to edit and manipulate the digital pictures and add effects.

Artensoft Photo Editor belongs to such arcade of photo editing applications with some delectable tools for its users. The best part about the utility is ability to carry out intricate image effects with effortless ease which makes it a preferred choice for many amateur graphic designers.

Artensoft Photo Editor opens with a vibrantly arranged interface with the major options for photo editing located at the top panel and further options for organizing the edited photos, and creating slide shows also available right below. The selected image will be displayed on the left side of the screen and the right pane would consist of the tools used for inserting effects and performing editing functions. The batch processor facility of the software enables conversion, resizing and adjustments of images in a simple and user friendly manner and further organizes and display RAW files and run slide shows too, thereby enabling editing of multiple images at single time. Furthermore, it can easily access all locations across the PC drives and folders and manage the images stored there.

To conclude, Artensoft Photo Editor 1.4 certainly proves to be striking tool for digital pictures management along with unique editing properties and hence gets a rating score of four points for its class leading performance and its overall usability.

Publisher's description

Simplify your digital image workflow and organize your photos with Artensoft Photo Editor! The new picture editor offers viewing, batch processing, image adjustment and photo editing features in a shell that is plain, easy, and straightforward.
Artensoft Photo Editor simplifies your digital workflow by providing you a full-screen image viewer, a comprehensive batch processor for converting, resizing and adjusting pictures, and a full-scale image editor. Artensoft Photo Editor lets you save time on processing your images by offering advanced and fully non-destructive editing options while keeping the originals intact. Every adjustment you make and every edit you make is stored in a separate file, allowing you to change or undo any adjustment at any time.
You can quickly import, organize, and display pictures and RAW files with a built-in full-screen viewer, run slideshows, and arrange and search pictures at any time. Thousands of pictures can be edited with just a few clicks thanks to the product’s advanced batch capabilities. You can perform simple and comprehensive adjustments to a bunch of photos just as easy as you edit a single one!
Organizing multiple folders full of images is easy with Artensoft Photo Editor. No matter how many locations on your hard disk hold your images, you’ll get easy access to all of them from a single place. Artensoft Photo Editor lets you manage, catalogue, view and manage all of your images no matter where on the disk they are stored.
As an editor, Artensoft Photo Editor has a variety of basic and advanced tools such as Crop, Resize, Convert, Sharpen, Sepia, Soft Light, Soft Focus, Saturation, Gamma, Levels, Brightness and Contrast controls, and many more. Some of the tools are unique; for instance, the Crop tool can display lines and triangles of golden sections for cropping harmonic pictures out of ordinary snapshots.
Artensoft Photo Editor
Artensoft Photo Editor
Version 1.4
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